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11 open predictions
open predictionThe war in Ukraine continues without any formal settlement
open predictionEuropean and Western unity on the need to isolate and punish Russia remains strong – but the rest of the world loses its patience with the West
open predictionDonald Trump’s legal problems fail to put him in jail. He remains obnoxious and the front-runner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination
open predictionChina is found to have violated Western secondary sanctions against Russia, sparking a crisis in US-Chinese relations
open predictionIsrael and Saudi Arabia will reach an agreement on greater economic and diplomatic exchanges but stop short of establishing formal diplomatic relations
open predictionThe Polish Law and Justice party loses the parliamentary election. The new government settles Polish disputes with the European Union and Germany
open predictionTurkey launches a further incursion into northern Syria, expanding its protected zone. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the AKP retain power after the Turkish elections
open predictionA debt crisis emerges in Africa, spawning competitive Chinese and Western efforts to offer relief
open predictionThe market for critical raw materials will tighten considerably, spawning both transatlantic and Western-Chinese trade tensions as they compete for minerals
open predictionEnergy prices see no further major increases and the EU does not experience any serious energy shortages, even as it further decouples its energy system from Russia
open predictionBonus: The US moves to ban Tik-Tok or force its sale to a non-Chinese company. It pressures Europeans to do the same