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11 open predictions
open predictionThe Democrats lose at least one house of the US Congress in the November mid-term elections
open predictionThe US opens talks with Russia on the European security order, but there is no large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine
open predictionThe developed world learns to live with covid-19
open predictionEmmanuel Macron wins the French presidential election and uses his new mandate to ‘relaunch’ Europe
open predictionHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban loses the Hungarian election, but claims he won
open predictionNuclear talks with Iran founder, while the country’s nuclear programme progresses
open predictionA faction of the Afghan Taliban overthrows the government
open predictionChina’s carbon emissions continue to grow rapidly
open predictionProtests against high energy prices and the European Green Deal break out across the EU
open predictionThe EU anti-coercion instrument comes into being, but Chinese economic coercion continues
open predictionBonus: Private space flight suffers its first fatal accident